Love And Loss

Here is a poem that I wrote for my sister because her beloved kitty Crissy passed a short time ago.

 Love And Loss

High in heaven there is a gate, 

God put it there for our pets he would take. 

Open arms he would greet them and give them a hug,

He would say no pain anymore just continuous love. 

But don’t worry a bit because someday you will see

That your human will be here and get the same love from me.

Crissy was a sweet playful kitty and she will truly be missed. It is sad that she got sick and passed away to early in her life. I can understand completely how my sister feels because I once had a kitty who passed at a young age too. Of course at any age it is very hard to lose a furbaby. 

Love and hugs to my sister and prayers that she will be at peace with her loss soon.

Rest in peace dear Crissy for we will see you down the road.


My Furbabies

My youngest Jasper
With the mysteries of a cats mind the need for love is still in deep inside. I’m a proud parent of two rescued cats and I love them to pieces. Jasper, shown above was I estimate only two weeks old if that when we rescued him. My boyfriend and I have never had a kitten this young so what we had to do to help him survive was all new to us. So As soon as possible we went and got a bottle for kittens and kitten formula because we did try to put some water and kibble in front of him but he didn’t want it. We presented the bottle to him and he took a liking to it. However he didn’t suck the nipple like you would think but he would chew and suck. Now I’m sure some of you know that those little nipples are soft and not meant to be chewed. So we had to figure out something that would withstand his little teeth before he would swallow any of that nipple. I had a brain storm and thought what about the tube of an eye dropper? I cut the tip of the nipple off and worked the tube through it and it fit. So the end of the tube was now the nipple and I was still able to screw it on to the bottle. The nipple was now quite long but worked great. My motherly instincts kicked in but of course I still had to Google how often he had to be fed. Now we do have our adult cat Dukee so we had to keep them separate so our bigger bathroom was Jaspers home for awhile. Every four hours me or my boyfriend would go in there to feed him and spend about an hour with him before he decided to snuggle into his blanket and go to sleep.After about two weeks we would take him into the one bedroom and with supervision let him run around and play, he is such a character. Dukee, our adult cat would come in slowly and just watch. Of course he didn’t know what to think. As Jasper grew he was more and more adventurous so we had to block of part of the hall so that he wouldn’t go into the living room yet. Dukee got more and more used to him and even sniffed him a few times. We still put Jasper in his room (the bathroom) at night and didn’t have to feed him as often. Well as time past he would get past the baracade so we then let him explore the rest of the house. By this time he was about two months and Dukee was fine with Jasper but would get out of the way because Jasper wouldn’t back down from anyone. Now he is almost a year and he thinks he is in charge of the house.  This is my six year old Dukee and he is a mommas boy. He also was rescued by us when he was about four months old according to the vet. I always wanted an orange tabby so when we found him I just had to keep him. Because he was older he ate regular kitten food and drank from a bowl, oh and of course was in charge of the house. Dukee is a little aggressive at times so I was concerned when we brought Jasper in. But like I said that as time pasted these two are fine with each other but Jasper can acully be a bully sometimes. So we do have to get between them sometimes but cats will be cats, they are territorial. Well that has been the adventure that I have had so far with my two furry loves these days. Every cat has such a great difference in personalities so not only do they need to adjust to you but you need to adjust to them because they run the house unlike a dog. If you have or had cats please feel free to comment and tell me about an experience you have had. I hope you all enjoyed this story and please come back and hit like. Thank you, have a wonderful day.

Life is Puzzling

You never know what you will find in your life.

During our lives we encounter different situations that can be hard to understand. Following your instincts and the ability to learn can help you to get through those puzzling times.

My memory isn’t very good but I remember that during my high school years I found my life to be confusing and scary; much like many of you did. I have always been a shy and quiet person around people who I don’t know so this made it very difficult for me to socialize. When I was sixteen my parents decided to move to Florida; I was born in Wisconsin so I moved in with my sister until they decided to move to Illinois. I then moved in with my sweet and caring cousin who still lived in my town at the time. During these years of moving around it was emotionally straining for me because I felt like my family kept abandoning me.

These situations as well as some bad experiences as a child made it hard for me to do well in school. I didn’t want to study or participate so I received low grades as of course you would expect. In my sophomore year one guy talked me into dating him, which I had no plans on dating anyone. We dated for a short time before he did something unexpected and traumatic to me which made life even more confusing. Even though this happened I stayed with him because I liked that someone was giving me the attention I needed. I dated him for six years before I caught him in bed with another woman so I dumped his A**. Because of these experiences it changed me into someone I did not like. I became promiscuous and flirtatious and I started drinking.

I started working for a popular and respected company in my town which I learned a lot during the ten years that I was there. But while I worked there I flirted with many men and many did reciprocate. I think back now and I probably looked like a slut to some of the women there. And yes I even went to a Christmas function with my boss. What was I thinking? The many years that I worked there I didn’t really date any of the men there, I just had fun with them. It wasn’t until the last few years that I was there that I met a young man that started working there and we hit it off and became good friends. I think it was a year before we actually decided to date and because we were such good friends the relationship worked out great. I was no longer promiscuous and became very loyal to him.

Now by this time my sister and her family had been living in Florida by my parents for years and I really missed them so my boyfriend suggested moving down there for a year to see if we liked it which we did and it was great to see my family again. We of course got jobs and was able to move into our own apartment after a couple months. Where we worked had closed its doors so we had to of course get new jobs. My boyfriend and I loved spending time together when we could and did many things such as hiking, and spending a lot of time in nature taking pictures. We went to the different theme parks that we have here in Florida and just enjoyed life the best that we could. We eventually bought our own place down here out in the boonies as my family would say. My boyfriend and I lived together for ten years before we decided to get married; I never wanted to get married that’s why it took so long.

After we married we started to struggle more financially which put stress on our relationship. I struggled so much emotionally that I ended up having a nervous breakdown which then didn’t help us because I wasn’t able to work for awhile. We struggled for the eight years that we were married and lost the once was special love that we had for each other and divorced. He ended up moving back to Wisconsin and even though the ending was tough emotionally we still talk to this day as friends.

Because I felt that I was abandoned again I was a little promiscuous again and entered into some meaningless relationships. But then again at a place that I worked for a short time I met a guy who caught my interest and we started to date. I also needed a place to live so he let me move in and ever since then we enjoy each others company and we take good care of each other. It’s been six years now and we have been very loving and loyal to each other.

So as you can see that life can be quite challenging, disappointing, frustrating and gratifying. We all experience things and hopefully learn from them. Just remember that life can be puzzling we just need to piece it together. (I know it’s cheezie but I had to). Well thank you for visiting, please hit like and follow me because you never know what might be going through this head of mine. Have a wonderful day and see you soon.

The Power of Nature

Not sure why?

Nature can be beautiful and enjoyable but it can present a power that can affect everything and everyone. Nature surrounds us with the power of life as well as the power of death.

The photo above is of a fire hydrant down the road from me spraying water into the woods. I am unsure why it is spraying water into the woods but I see it in the morning when I take a walk. I thought when I first saw it that it would be an interesting picture to capture which I believe turned out pretty good.

The woods not only carries the life of trees and plants but can be the home for many living creatures in which detours me from going in there. Creatures such as snakes, poisonous frogs and ugh spiders, but it can also be a home for deer, turkey, birds, lizards and many other little critters. I personally have seen deer and turkey come from that area which is pretty cool. Each creature has a power of its own whether it is the visual beauty of it which lies in the eyes of the beholder, the power to populate its own breed and the power to kill.

With nature can come the feeling of peace, joy and exhilaration. Taking in all the beauty of what the trees are, the smell of the flowers, and the sound of water trickling or waves rolling in on the sand. I enjoy almost everything about nature but there are unexpected and predicted forces that can create devastation and upheaval. Such forces can be forest fires which can take out many acres at a time and leave the wildlife without homes and food. Another force is flooding which can start out with such power that it takes everything from wildlife and humans. Tornadoes and hurricanes are nothing to mess with. The power behind them can not only create life altering consequences but can also end in death.

After devastation usually comes new growth in the wildlife world and in the human world. Homes are rebuilt, food and water are slowly restored and the new life begins. With everything comes power; the power to survive. So don’t take nature for granted; take in the beauty, learn from it and take on the responsibility to protect it.

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The gate of death

Sometimes the death of someone is very sad and even devastating and other times it has the feeling of peace and relief for those who were suffering. As hard as it is to accept loss, in many cases our loved ones wouldn’t want us to hold onto the pain of loss for too long.

The photos above were taken at Spring Hill Cemetery in Brooksville Florida and is the resting place for many African Americans. This is one of the oldest cemeteries close to the area in which I live and was founded in the 1850’s. Unfortunately in the early 1900’s the people who are buried there were the victims that the KKK tortured and hung from a very large oak tree which still stands there today. This cemetery has been known to be haunted and I really don’t blame the people who are buried there because what they had suffered through was disgraceful.

When we went it was about late afternoon early evening and of course with the anticipation of seeing something paranormal or unexpected it didn’t happen; bummer. As we got out of the car we smelled a fowl odor kind of the way a dead animal smells. There were woods all around the cemetery so it could have been a dead animal. We were there about an hour when a group of college age people showed up. Some of them looked around the graves but others hung out by the cars. I caught the eyes of one of the women and she came up to me and asked if I smell that stench. I told her I do and she said they looked into the woods not far from the fence towards the smell and they found a black garbage bag which looked like it had some women’s clothes in it. She said they did call the police because of it being suspicious. I then continued to look at the graves.

The cemetery isn’t as big as I thought it would be but it is unsure how many people are buried there because not all the graves have markers or stones. I did also see a few graves that sadly were for young children. It makes me curious of why the child died; was it an unpreventable illness or something that could have been prevented? So sad to think of it. If I remember correctly the oldest grave I saw had the person’s death date around the late 1800’s. There were also a few confederate veterans buried there. Another hour had passed and we were ready to leave so we spoke to the young people and they were going to wait for the police. I was curious what the police would do but I also didn’t want to held up because of it. So as we drove down the gravel road leading out of the cemetery a police officer pulled in. We left just in time.

The main road that the cemetery is off of has also been known for paranormal activity. It was just about dark as we drove that road with hope that we would see something mysterious but once again nothing happens. Our little adventure was very interesting and I wouldn’t mind going back there in the future at night if I can get up the nerve.

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New Growth

Amaryllis Belladonna

With spring in the air comes new growth whether it is the new born critter coming into the world, plant and tree life or flowers; there is a beauty to all of it. Through the years I has seen various types of plant life as they sprout and it’s quite something to watch them grow day by day and week to week.

The picture above is of my red Amaryllis Belladonna Lilly which in about a week from now should be in full bloom. This Lilly is native to Southern Africa and in the early 1800’s it was being cultivated in Australia. The lilly stems (pun intended) from a bulb that’s put into the soil and then begins to germinate usually in late fall or early spring. My lilly has been in the ground for years now and the majority of the plant is there throughout the year but doesn’t bloom until March, sometimes early April. Of course I live in Florida so it is pretty much green here all the time. During Christmas you will probably see the Amaryllis (red lilly) plants sold in stores and around Easter time you will most likely see the white and various other colors. The white lilly is a symbol of peace in which Christians relate it to the mother Mary in the bible. The red one symbolizes passion and I am not positive but that could be why you see the plants sold around Christmas because of the love for the birth of Jesus or just the extra love that is felt around that holiday. Now for you cat lovers out their please be advised that lillies are toxic to cats. That is why I won’t keep one in my home because I have two of the mischief makers. So I enjoy seeing them outside of my porch where the lighting throughout the day changes.

Now through the years I have learned that an overcast day helps to capture certain pictures just right like I did with this lilly. Of course there are many sunny day pictures that turn out great depending on what you are going for. I have seen different photos taken of dew-dropped spiderwebs or leaves and they are amazing captures. I hate spiders but I do like taking photos of them in their webs. It’s amazing the work of art that they create and just to think that their webs are built to catch their prey. I miss taking photos of wild life such as birds and other animals up close with a really good zoom. I am in between cameras right now so I am not able to bring them in as close as I would like, I can only do my best.

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The Hot Pick

Hello everyone, at the bottom of this page is a camera that has over 300 positive reviews. The Canon PowerShot SX420 is a great looking camera and has some great features for a point and shoot camera. It has a 64 MG SD card, a 42x optical zoom, built in Wi-Fi, 720p HD video and is a 20 mp. What I really like about this camera is the stability when capturing a picture because I am not old lol but my hands tend to shake now and many of my photos turn out blurry. I also like that it has a Smart Auto button which when pushed it automatically picks the suggested lighting for any photo that you want to capture.

I m not a professional photographer so a point and shoot camera is perfect for me because sometimes I do tend to take a photo within a split second. I love taking photos of the birds in the wild here in Florida so having a great zoom is very beneficial for me too. One day I had gone to Busch Gardens and of course I had my camera. I went to see the tigers and with the zoom that my camera had I was able to snap some beautiful closeups. The colors and details of the tigers were amazing; I was so proud of the positioning and lighting that I captured of one of them that I framed it and I have it hanging on a wall. Tigers are awesome!

This is the framed photo I took at Busch Gardens.

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